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Alicia Burdick



My Story

I first tried Scentsy in Fall 2014 and I immediately fell in love. It soon became an addiction and my consultant kept telling me that I should join as a consultant myself. I debated for a long time and meanwhile continued to buy, buy, buy. I finally took the plunge after arriving in South Korea in the Summer of 2015. We have since moved to Virginia but I am still loving it and only regretting that I didn't join sooner.

Scentsy has done so much for me but the biggest thing it has done for me is brought me out of my shell and helped me meet so many wonderful people. It has helped break the ice and helped me meet so many people that I wouldn't have met otherwise. It gives me a reason to say hello without awkwardness. I get to keep my house and car smelling great at a discount and share it with others. On top of that I get paid to do this. You heard me right, I get paid to meet people and at the end of the day make enough money to get all of my products for free and pay for things like my kids’ sports. We also can earn incentive trips and Scentsy sent me on an 8-day Mediterranean cruise in June 2018. Amazing!! What other job lets you do these things while working from home and making your own schedule? I love what Scentsy has done for me and continues to do for me! The opportunities are endless.

I’d love to share the opportunity with you. You can sign up directly at or contact me and we can chat about it.


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